Green Clean
eco loving housecleaning
exlusive to Salem MA

Our services
business and residential cleaning
move out/move in cleaning
windows done green!
gift certificates available at Crunchy Granola Baby,
72 Washington St. Salem

About Green Clean:

To the best of our knowledge, we are the first Green Cleaning company out of Salem, Ma. This assumption is based on 5 years of being a part of Salem's wonderful community.

Our soaps are the purest of the pure, 100% plant based, 100% biodegradable, never EVER tested on animals and after years of trying nearly every product out there, we found a couple that REALLY work (woo hoo!!). Nothing with so much as a synthetic fragrance or dye makes it into our recycled milk bottle spray bottles!

Our vacuums are top of the line Kirby vacuums and of course we use the HEPA bags that filter out 99.97% of dust. This basically means not only is your house clean when we leave, but so is the air. All vacuum attachments are recyclable. All microfiber rags and mop heads. And our mop is to die for :) People get really excited to see what we can do to hardwood floors. Green Clean owner has over 13 years of professional cleaning experience and is present at most if not all cleaning jobs.

If you want us to clean out an empty apartment to ready it for new tenants, let us know if you want us to sage it to neutralize the residual energy.

Our rates are great, highly competitive. You don't pay more just because we are green.

Contact us at:

(978) 744-8698